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Said It Was Worth It: 100.00%
Overall Rating: 8.00 / 10.00
Number of Perfect Ratings: 0
Number of Minimum Ratings: 0
Average Price Paid: $30
Highest Price Paid:$30
Lowest Price Paid: $30

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  1. The Sweet Science
  2. Tee Time
  3. Animal Spirits
  4. Cory Wong
  5. Disco Ulysses
  6. Hero Town
  7. Adrienne & Adrianne (Happen to Bossa Nova)
  8. Lonely Town
  9. 1612
  10. Funky Duck
  11. Aunt Leslie
  12. Wait for the Moment
  13. TED Rocks Speech
  14. Back Pocket
  15. Beastly
  16. Christmas in L.A.
  17. Dean Town
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Written By: williambrochmann
Number of Reviews: 1
Location: Uddevalla, Sweden
Favorite Artist: Pink Floyd
Favorite Genre: Grunge rock


Concert Date: April 12, 2018
Review Written: April 12, 2018

Even though the energy is crazy high throughout the whole show, the band still manages to keep super tight. Great contact with the audience and the guys seems genuinely happy to be on stage. The whole repertoire was represented in the set, but a f...

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