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Said It Was Worth It: 100.00%
Overall Rating: 10.00 / 10.00
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  1. Holding On
  2. Baby Missiles
  3. Pain
  4. An Ocean in Between the Waves
  5. Disappearing
  6. Strangest Thing
  7. Arms Like Boulders
  8. Hot Piss
  9. Straight Into Darkness
  10. Red Eyes
  11. Come to the City
  12. In Reverse
  13. Under the Pressure
  14. Eyes to the Wind
  15. Lost in the Dream
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Written By: Shawn
Number of Reviews: 10
Location: Miami, FL
Favorite Artist: Radiohead
Favorite Genre: Alternative Rock

The War On Drugs were the best show at coachella 2018

Concert Date: April 13, 2018
Review Written: April 19, 2018

This band is absolutely incredible live. I know their music can’t be a bit hard to get into on initial listen but I assure you it grows on you over time.

They had a fairy small crowd at coachella with more mainstream artists goi...

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