ALT-J Delivers At Coachella 2018

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I’ve seen Alt J a few times now, including at Coachella. My first Coachella I saw Alt J into Jack White and it’s one of my fondest Coachella memories. Anyways they were back this year, and I originally had planned to see Jungle but the allure of Alt J’s awesome lights and effects at night time was too much so I went to Outdoor Stage to see Alt J.

It wasn’t the best I’ve seen them but it was still quite good. They had a pretty small crowd compared to past times I’ve seen them, largely because everyone was posting up for Beyoncé. I didn’t mind though because I was able to show up right as they went on and get a great spot. It was their usual good performance with tons of effects and all the hits. I always love Alt J because they play the hits (Left Hand Free, Breezeblocks, etc) but also less popular songs that I love like Fitzpleasure and Matilda. Ultimately seeing them was the right decision and I am glad I last minute opted to go see them.

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Author: Shawn
Concert Rating: 8.0 / 10
Concert On: April 14, 2018
Venue: Coachella
Location: Indio, CA
Likes: 1

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