Exhibition presented by Mystic Stylez 4/6

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Exhibition is always free before 11, $7 after. Local support was great as always (Angelfire, Dresden Black//Nnoa, Tearz, Santa Muerte). Sound at The Dive is always good but the lack of a ticket price for half the evening crowds the very small venue with social drinkers who talk over the music, heat up the joint and generally trigger my social anxiety (yes, I realize the last part is a personal problem.) Leonce was great, played a very full two hour set that was constantly engaging no matter where you dropped in or out. Fortunately, (unfortunately??) most of the aforementioned crowd cleared out by 2:15 and Leonce closed the final hour transitioning from a smooth R&B inspired beginning to a wonderfully bouncy finish filled with sounds and tracks that bent your brain to the tune of his NOLA roots.

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Author: JackJelgeson
Concert Rating: 10.0 / 10
Concert On: April 6, 2018
Venue: The Dive
Location: Houston, TX
Ticket Cost: $7
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