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First: The ticket price was for a full 4-day festival. Second: The proper genre was not available for selection at the conception of this review. This is as easy a review as I'll ever write. I was raised on teachings by The Beatles & Pink Floyd (thanks dad), and never thought I'd be able to see a Beatle perform live. Yes, Paul is past his singing prime, but he can still belt out those beautiful songs that we all know. The set list for this concert consisted of hit after hit after hit, and was a true treat to see. Songs aside, Firefly and Paul's camp really stepped up their production for this show. The lights, video, and sound were all fantastic throughout Paul's show, in addition to a spectacular firework/pyrotechnical show toward the end of his set for Live and Let Die. Before I get to the specific songs, it's important that I talk about the most magical part of the show to me: Paul himself. He shared and showed himself to the crowd in a beautiful way -- talking about his old band members/best friends, and the meaning behind particular songs, as well as his hope and love for the young people today. I could go on and on about the significance of each song to me, and how well I felt they were performed, but I'll limit that to a few: Birthday, Blackbird, Eleanor Rigby, and Hey Jude. Birthday is a quick, easy one. 6/18 is Sir Paul's birthday, so when he started the show with this, the crowd was quick to sing along -- just a cute start to a great show. Blackbird & Eleanor Rigby have always been two of the most emotional Beatles songs in my eyes, with important messages behind the words and music as well. I teared up a bit during both, which is still the only time I've cried at all at any concert. McCartney's explanation of Blackbird's meaning in regards to the Civil Rights Movement just before his playing of the song made it hard for anyone to miss the beauty of it. Hey Jude really stole the show though, as a moment only capable of being created by a true legend like Paul McCartney. Toward the end of the already beautiful piece, Sir Paul led the crowd through the "na na na's" of the (very) extended outro. After a few repetitions, he instructed just the boys to sing, then just the girls, then everyone all together again. There is a distinct power to the sound of ninety thousand people singing together. The bliss couldn't have been missed by anyone, and that moment remains as a true highlight in my mind through all of the concerts I've been to.

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Author: jsass80
Concert Rating: 10.0 / 10
Concert On: June 19, 2015
Venue: Firefly Stage - Firefly Music Festival
Location: Dover, Delaware
Ticket Cost: $330
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