A Wave of Bliss

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To start, Tame Impala has been a personal favorite for some time now, and Panorama was my first opportunity to see them live. I'd heard the raving and praise for their live show before, and despite multiple full festival outings (the norm for my Summers), this 1-day non-camping festival was my most anticipated moment of Summer 2017. Panorama's eponymous main stage is phenomenal regardless of the performer(s) making use of it, but I can't think of a better pairing for it than Tame Impala. My friend and I snagged spots where the enormous side screens of the main stage ended at the edges of our peripheral vision, which we quickly found out was a GREAT move. When Tame started their set with Nangs, we were instantly entranced. The wave-like pattern of the visuals for the song lit up a sea of waiting fans, and from that point on, the crowd really did feel that way -- like one unit, an ocean. The set list progressed through a few of my absolute favorites (not to discredit other tracks) with Let It Happen, Sundown Syndrome, The Moment, and Mind Mischief. Sundown Syndrome hadn't been in their live performances for some time, and the psychedelia of the visuals felt pretty ramped up for it, so I was thrilled. About halfway through the set, Kevin Parker took a chance to talk to the crowd about how fortunate he felt to share a stage with Frank Ocean, the previous night's headliner. It was a heartfelt, humble moment that I love to see from the artists I love, but he didn't miss a chance to make a quick joke before getting into the next song by remarking that they [Tame Impala] had one thing Frank Ocean didn't have... lasers! This was a new development for Tame Impala's live show (aside from the test run at a smaller NY show several days prior), likely implemented because NYC doesn't allow for Tame Impala's token confetti cannons. The set progressed into Elephant, where for the first time in the set, the lasers were used to great effect. Largely because of this, my friend and I still refer to the set as two parts: Pre and Post Elephant. They had been perfect to this point, consistently sounding great in addition to the phenomenal visuals I've been mentioning, but Tame Impala did stumble briefly in The Less I Know The Better, restarting a short while into the song because Kevin felt the band was out of sync. They played it off well, and honestly it was a humorous break from how immersed my friend and I were in their performance. After this, nothing of incredible significance took place aside from their second live playing of Love/Paranoia (second only to the test run mentioned previously). The visuals accompanying this song are definite contenders with Nangs for the most beautiful moments of the show. Their encore was composed of Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and New Person, Same Old Mistakes (as it has been for a while). I know New Person gets some flack as an album closer, but I feel that it was very strong as a show ending. As the night ended, my friend and I turned to each other agreeing that Tame Impala had just done the unthinkable.. they topped our live performance list ahead of Sir Paul. It's pretty significant to both of us, as we were both more or less raised on The Beatles thanks to our dads! P.S. The ticket price was for a 1-day pass to a 3-day festival, so take that into consideration if it looked a little pricey.

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Author: jsass80
Concert Rating: 10.0 / 10
Concert On: July 29, 2017
Venue: Randall's Island - Panorama Music Festival
Location: New York, New York
Ticket Cost: $125
Likes: 1