What is this website?

Think of it like Yelp or TripAdvisor for concerts. We basically are a community of music lovers who want to learn from other music lovers about how various bands are live in concert.

How do I post a review?

You can go to our Post A Review section to add your review. You can write a review for any band, although if you are the first person to write a review for a certain band you will need to add them to our database. Don't worry it takes about 30 seconds to do that.

Are your reviews sponsored or filtered in anyway?

Nope, you write it and it stays up. There is absolutely no removing or editing any reviews on this website once they are posted. This site is meant to provide raw and honest reviews of live music. If you think someone absolutely sucked feel free to write it and share it with our community.

How do I keep track of my reviews?

If you go to your profile page you can see all of the reviews you have posted on our website. You can also see how many times your reviews have been read and liked by other users.