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Knox Fortune at Coachella

Knox Fortune Coachella W1

Concert Date: April 13, 2018, Written On: April 14, 2018

Pretty fun show. Was the first show I caught at Coachella this year and was a nice kickoff. As usual the outdoor stage during the day was empty and was able to get right to the front. Luckily it’s pretty cool this year or it be fairly miserable. Anyways, Knox was solid - I didn’t think the sound was that great but it was catchy and upbeat so it was entertaining and I was never bored.

Alt J at Coachella

ALT-J Delivers At Coachella 2018

Concert Date: April 14, 2018, Written On: April 18, 2018

I’ve seen Alt J a few times now, including at Coachella. My first Coachella I saw Alt J into Jack White and it’s one of my fondest Coachella memories. Anyways they were back this year, and I originally had planned to see Jungle but the allure of Alt J’s awesome lights and effects at night time was too much so I went to Outdoor Stage to see Alt J.<div><br></div><div>It wasn’t the best I’ve seen them but it was still quite good. They had a pretty small crowd compared to past times I’ve seen them, largely because everyone was posting up for Beyoncé. I didn’t mind though because I was able to show up right as they went on and get a great spot. It was their usual good performance with tons of effects and all the hits. I always love Alt J because they play the hits (Left Hand Free, Breezeblocks, etc) but also less popular songs that I love like Fitzpleasure and Matilda. Ultimately seeing them was the right decision and I am glad I last minute opted to go see them.</div>

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever at Coachella

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Rocks Coachella 2018

Concert Date: April 15, 2018, Written On: April 18, 2018

This years Coachella poster did not yield as many discoveries as I’ve found in years past; it just didn’t have that many bands I really got into. One exception to that was Rolling Coastal, I really dig their sound. It’s sort of that hazy rock like Real Estate or Warpaint that I can just chill to. Anyways their Coachella show was solid - nothing mind blowing but it was really good and I got the tunes I was looking for. Excited to see what this band does in the future.

Greta Van Fleet at Coachella

Greta Van Fleet Brings the 80s to Coachella

Concert Date: April 13, 2018, Written On: April 19, 2018

Greta has a ton of potential to even headline one day. They’re definitely not there now but I could definitely see it. For an early Friday show at Coachella their tent was packed and the crowd was super into it. They had the energy you would expect if you’ve ever listened to their music, and the show was one of the livelier ones all Coachella weekend. That said something still feels a bit forced or disingenuous about them live, or else I’d rate them higher. I don’t quite know how to describe it but sometimes it feels like they are playing the part of an 80s rock band than that is what they really are. Really curious to see them live again in a couple years because now they’re good but they could be great

Fleet Foxes at The Fillmore Miami Beach

Fleet Foxes at Fillmore in Miami

Concert Date: March 4, 2018, Written On: April 10, 2018

I am a pretty casual Fleet Foxes fan and had never seen them live. When I saw they were doing their first tour in years I knew I needed to check them out. Given the Miami indie scene is pretty rough tickets didn’t sell out so they weren’t sold out. Anywho I was really impressed with Gleet Foxes live. Sometimes they get into that territory where a lot of the songs sound the same to me, but in person they were so lively and had really good pacing throughout their show. They sounded pretty awesome and played all the big songs. They also had good crowd interaction throughout the show. It wasn’t the best show I’d ever seen but it was totally worth it and very good. I would absolutely see Fleet Foxes again.

Arcade Fire at Viejas Arena

Everything now tour was everything I wanted

Concert Date: Oct. 18, 2017, Written On: April 10, 2018

Full disclosure I love Arcade Fire. They are one of my two or three favorite bands of all time. This was the third time I have seen them with the other times being during the Reflektor tour and at Lollapalooza 2016. This was probably my favorite concert I have ever been to. I understand that everyone didn’t love Everything Now, but those songs absolutely kill live. Arcade Fire plays the shit out of whatever songs they play and Jams like Creature Comfort and Signs Of Life are killer live. On top of the new songs they played all the classics like Rebellion (Lies), Neon Bible and of course closed out with Wake Up. It was absolutely everything I wanted from Arcade Fire. Even as they get older their energy remains second to none. If you get a chance to see them don’t miss it!

The National at SDSU

The National at SDSU

Concert Date: Oct. 11, 2017, Written On: April 12, 2018

God I love the National. I’ve been wanting to see hem for years and they finally came to town when I could get tickets. I was able to get the 5th row or so for only $60 or so which seemed like a steal. So as I said I love he national but they absolutely kill live way more than even I expected. New songs like Day I Die and Turtleneck were amazing but also classics like Afraid of Everyone and Fake Empire. I basically got all the songs I wanted and it was one of the most special concert experiences I’ve ever had

Pvris at Coachella

PVRIS Coachella W1

Concert Date: April 13, 2018, Written On: April 14, 2018

PVRIS is a guilty pleasure of mine so was excited to not have a conflict with them at Coachella. Their tent was pretty full for an early show, which was good to see. They played all their big hits and closed out with My House, my favorite song so it was a really good show.

Magic Giant at Coachella

Magic Giant brings the early energy at Coachella

Concert Date: April 15, 2018, Written On: April 18, 2018

There is no worse time slot than Sunday early afternoon at Coachella, I am fully convinced of this and no one can tell me otherwise. It’s hot, it’s the end of the long weekend, and half the crowd is hungover as hell and has no energy. When I reflect on the great Coachella performances I’ve seen rarely do I see a good crowd from an early Sunday show.<div><br></div><div>All that said, Magic Giant was not deterred and put on a hell of a show. Luckily there was some cloud coverage so it wasn’t too hot but it seemed like there was still only a few dozen people at their show. By the end of it they had a good crowd, and the entire group was super into it. Their energy is a bit hard to fully describe but it’s fairly infectious - they’re just so damn positive, happy and lively it’s hard to not get into them. My favorite part of show was probably the random violent violin solos that really made me think the dude could legitimately break his violin. This is the second time I’ve seen them and the second time I’ve seen them absolutely play their asses off. They sort of remind me of Arcade Fire live in that they’re always running around, banging drums as hard as they can and doing absolutely everything they can to make sure the crowd is having a good time. If you get a chance to see them I really do think they’re one of the hardest playing, most fun acts going right now.</div>

The War On Drugs at Coachella

The War On Drugs were the best show at coachella 2018

Concert Date: April 13, 2018, Written On: April 19, 2018

This band is absolutely incredible live. I know their music can’t be a bit hard to get into on initial listen but I assure you it grows on you over time.<div><br></div><div>They had a fairy small crowd at coachella with more mainstream artists going on elsewhere and people lining up for the shitty Weeknd. Some people may be upset by this but I’ll take it as a good thing because I was able to get a pretty perfect spot for War On Drugs. As soon as I saw the Coachella lineup I was hoping for War at sunset and Coachella gave it to me on my favorite stage Outdoor.</div><div><br></div><div>As for the performance it was just masterful. There were so many times during the show I was literally just saying “holy shit he’s good” to myself. Their songs just come to life and are so much better in person than when listening to the record. Under The Pressurw, which they closed with, isn’t even one of my favorite songs but love it has altered the way I see that song now. <b>The short version is go see The War On Drugs live if you can</b></div>